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The proceeds will go to the Virgil Abloh “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, which aims to help students of colour who are pursuing careers in fashion. Two hundred pairs of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers created by the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh sold for a combined USD 25.3 million at...

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The Air Force 1 and Court Vision are two near-identical sneakers manufactured by Nike which, if you're like us, leaves you wondering what exactly are the differences between the two. In fact, the two silhouettes are so alike that Nike has applied almost the exact same design to both the Valentin...

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Nike (NYSE:NKE +0.11%) and its Nike SB team have gained a substantial amount of steam in recent memory thanks to the high volume of colorways that they’ve brought to light. From a Bart Simpson-inspired makeup to a hiker-friendly collaboration with Australia-based retailer PASS~PORT, the sub...

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