The Air Force 1 and Court Vision are two near-identical sneakers manufactured by Nike which, if you're like us, leaves you wondering what exactly are the differences between the two.

In fact, the two silhouettes are so alike that Nike has applied almost the exact same design to both the Valentine's Day Air Force 1 and Court Vision releases.

However, there are a few subtle differences to note that go beyond just the aesthetics. So, to help you wrap your head around them, we've compiled everything you need to know about the Air Force 1's and Court Vision's right here.

To kick things off though, we'll start by taking you back to where it all began for these two classic sneakers...

In 1982, the world was introduced to the Air Force 1 which, at the time, was the first basketball shoe designed by Bruce Kilgore, and was subsequently marketed as such in 1983 when Nike took 6 of its top NBA players to kickoff the Air Force 1 campaign.

While this helped boost the Air Force 1's popularity, demand started to grow for low-top variations to be released for more casual wear. Nike adhered to these demands briefly before ultimately discontinuing the sneakers in 1984.

In their absence, fans of the Air Force 1 began customising their old models in order to compensate for Nike cutting off their beloved sneakers.

Nike of course took note of this and brought back the Air Force 1 in 1986 by releasing two new colourways with the direction of the sneakers now focused towards everyday wear which is still being applied to this day.

You then have to fast forward all the way to 2014 to see the first Court Vision release, and even then, the sneakers were known as the Nike Tennis to overtly portray the message that these were Nike's new tennis-focused line.

The Nike Court Vision's often draw a lot of comparisons to the Air Force 1's with their design and silhouette, but we feel it's always nice to have more than one option to consider in the casual sneaker market.

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