Near 4 decades strong and counting, the Gundam franchise is one of the most influential properties to ever exist, leaving a strong impression on both anime/film as well as the generations able to enjoy it. And while its time on the screen is well-enjoyed, many take things a bit further as they collect, build, and customize figures known as Gunpla.

Essentially a Dunk High turned kit, this upcoming Nike SB collaboration celebrates the 15 year anniversary of the Gundam Unicorn series. Arriving in two varieties — one white dominant, the other black — the pair layers on motifs inspired directly by the Rx-0 Unicorn and 02 Banshee. For example, the Swoosh mirrors both the color and sculpt of the V-Wings, their bright shades contrasted against the white and black backdrop as well as the warm-toned accents that dress adjacent. And alongside an armor akin toe box, there lies emboldened Unicorn insignia at the heel.

For a closer look at both colorways, see below. For now, while we wait for more information, sit tight as these will likely release before the end of the year.

Gundam Unicorn x Nike SB Dunk High
Release Date: Upcoming 2021

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